Skincare diaries: K Beauty products I’m currently loving!

Recent K beauty finds

Skincare is my first love so I’m always in my happy place when I get to experiment and try new products. But let’s face it, it can be quite disappointing to finally buy a much hyped about product only for it to break you all out *shudders thinking about the Benton Aloe BHA toner* Earlier this year, I did a K beauty skincare haul and I luckily found some really good gems that are now staples in my skincare routine and I think are worth … Continue reading

7 days in Italy

Hey everyone! If you’ve seen my social media posts recently, you would have seen that I recently spent some vacation time in Italy! I’ve never been before so when my company announced that the annual training programme would be hosted in Rome, I quickly tacked on some extra annual leave days to turn this trip into a personal holiday afterwards to see more of Italy. I was lucky enough to have a friend come along with me to explore the beautiful cities of Florence and … Continue reading

My Biggest Takeaway from 2017: It’s OK to be mediocre

I’m a perfectionist. No, I’m not saying that in the humble brag way we do during interviews when we’re asked what our weaknesses are. I’ve always been that person that has to get every detail right. This past year in grad school, I was that person that stayed up all night to essentially re-write a group assignment the day before it was due. I’m that person who mulls over everything, analysing it from every angle possible before making a decision. You guessed it, I’m an … Continue reading

4 Podcasts I Am Loving!

Hey guys! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Since I started working full-time (praise report whoop whoop!), I honestly feel like I’ve been racing against time. Once I get back home from work, I head straight to prepping for the next day and then right to bed afterwards for my precious sleep!  However, the beauty of this change is that I’m now constantly looking for ways to maximise the use of my time; something I’ve admittedly never quite mastered. If you’re … Continue reading

And Then There Was Dubrovnik

Hey guys!! I hope you’re all doing well. I know this blog has been collecting dust cobwebs over the last few months much to my dismay but my schedule had gotten so hectic due to school and I couldn’t quite tear myself away. However, the wonderful news is that I have now finished my MSc degree! I know right, where in the world did a year go?! Now you have to put an MS behind my name, just saying 😉 As I have just a … Continue reading

9 African Lit Titles to Pick Up Now!

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s no secret that I have always had a long love affair with reading but my appreciation for African literature is surprisingly young. I think it’s the classic case of not knowing what you have until it’s gone. Why do I say this? Well growing up in Ghana, I only ever read African literary classics like The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta, for instance, in Secondary school where it was required reading. Back then getting lost in a book meant escaping Continue reading

But First, Paris


At the dawn of this new year, I resolved that I would finally stop drooling at Travel Noire’s pictures and actually indulge my own wanderlust. And what better city to kick it all off than Paris? My friend Tosin and I took a long weekend trip there in January and it was an amazing time filled with so many “firsts”. Because I had a million questions of my own when we were planning this trip, I decided to make this post a travel guide … Continue reading

14 Ways to Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day!

Hey guys! So today’s self-love themed post is from none other than my special sister-friend Samantha. I may have referenced her juuuust a time or two in my previous posts. I hope it gives you great ideas on all the ways that you can treat yo self this Valentine’s day and beyond! xoxo



February 14th is upon us and I’m sure we’ve probably sworn off all things Valentine’s Day, but here we are. It’s easy to completely disregard the day as another … Continue reading

And It’s A Wrap!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. So remember that time when I started this blog and actually knew what the word “consistency” meant? Yeah it’s a distant memory for me too *hangs head in shame* And the icing on top is the fact that even spammers have picked up on it and leave messages like “it looks like you’re struggling to put out new content” or “your blog is great but it’s been a while since you … Continue reading

Highlights of My #SheHiveLondon Experience

Processed with VSCO

Motherland Moguls we’re boss ladies, Everywhere we go we slay,

Bringing that African Girl Magic, To create Empires today

*Drops mic and floats into slayage existence*

Those were the bars, yes bars, I performed with my team during our rap ice breaker challenge at She Hive London two Saturdays ago. According to me, I slayed and you can’t tell me nothing! In fact, you’ll now find me spitting serious flow at a rap battle coming to a city near you lol.


Our game faces when Continue reading