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Are you transitioning to natural hair and can’t seem to keep your hair moisturized to save your life?! Are you a new natural with type 4 hair who is moisturizing with all the raved about products yet only has crispy strands to show for it?! Or are you a natural hair veteran that has to moisturize everyday just to maintain soft strands?! If you answered yes to any of these, then I’ve come with the answer to all your hair moisture prayers; good ole grease!


Now I know you’re probably thinking, “umm hasn’t grease been deemed as a no go for our hair?! I mean the natural hair community online only published a 1000 articles about why grease shouldn’t go anywhere near our natural hair.” Why yes, yes it has been and I previously strongly adhered to this as well. After reading those articles about 5 years ago, I gave my old tub of Blue Magic away and never looked back even though my hair was relaxed.

Later on when I decided that I wanted to go natural, my attempts at transitioning failed twice because my 4c hair, particularly my new growth, couldn’t stay moisturized despite all my efforts and broke off at an alarming rate. Both times I tried the LCO method using natural oils like Grapeseed oil as my sealant and concluded that the method was all hype no results. Little did I know that a good, heavy sealant like my old, trusty Blue Magic grease was all I needed.


What makes Blue Magic so magical, pun intended, is its ability to effectively seal in the moisture particularly for type 4 hair. This of course means that your hair has to be moisturized first which is where the LCO method comes in. Yes I ate my words and went back to this but I modified it to LCG and it has worked wonders. I now understand that this method failed me in the past because my sealants were too light and couldn’t do a good job of locking the moisture in hence the straw-like hair a day after moisturizing.

Less than a year ago, I decided to transition again and I only made it this time to team natural because my friend suggested using grease when the moisture problems resurfaced. I went out that same night and bought a tub stat! Here’s what I do now in my LCG method to achieve moisturized strands.

(L) Liquid – I first saturate my washed, towel dried hair with my As I am liquid leave-in conditioner

(C) Cream – I layer on a thick coating of my Unyevu Butter from Belle Butters which is a luscious shea, mango and avocado butter mixed with some essential oils.

(G) Grease – I seal all the hydration goodness in with a pea sized amount of my bae, Blue Magic Grease. I actually believe that us with type 4 hair can get slightly liberal with it and be okay but type 3 hair ladies should definitely stick to pea sized to prevent it from weighing down their hair.

This routine enables me to go a whole week without having to re-moisturize when my hair is braided underneath whatever protective style I have on. Adding grease to my moisture routine literally saved my strands and enabled me to actively achieve soft, shiny, moisturized hair. If you’re stuck in a dry hair pickle like I was, definitely consider using a bit of grease to seal in your moisture and thank me later! Let me know what your thoughts on using hair grease are in the comment section below 🙂




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  1. I’ll thank you now! We still have some tubs of blue magic sitting around the house and now I know what to do with them! Thanks!

  2. I can hear our grandmas saying, “I told you so!” They knew exactly what they were doing when they would slather all that grease on our heads–granted it might have been a bit much at times (pretty sure the sun was cooking up my scalp like some bacon on a skillet) and probably wasn’t necessary for relaxed strands. We can safely say their hearts were in the right place ❤️. Another great post, Nana! ??

    • Girl if i showed my grandma this post she would be like and water is wet lol. That visual of the greased scalp is so accurate lmao; they definitely went overboard there. No grease on the scalp for me, just strands lol.

    • Right? I spent money unnecessarily on the many products they reviewed and those of course got my hair nowhere. I’m happy I went back to grease because now my hair is flourishing with a simple and hassle free routine. Thank you so much for stopping by Donna!

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