10 Summer Beauty Essentials from Black Owned Companies




Happy Monday guys! I hope your week is off to an amazing start. Summer finally arrived here in the UK last week and it’s been awesome; fingers crossed it stays that way for a while. In continuing my summer series, I’ve put together a list of 10 summer beauty essentials and the best part is that they are all from black owned brands! I had so much fun discovering new brands and getting reacquainted with familiar ones in putting this list together. I’m … Continue reading

8 books you should read this summer

20 best

Summer’s here although you’d be hard pressed to tell here in London given that the warm weather has only decided to play peekaboo with us. *sigh*¬†Weather grievances, aside I believe that the summer is always a great time to get into the escapist luxury that a good book offers. Whether it’s during your downtime at the beach or pool, or before your bedtime, sinking your teeth into a great book or 8¬†(jk but not really lol) is always a great way to enjoy … Continue reading