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Happy Monday guys! I hope your week is off to an amazing start. Summer finally arrived here in the UK last week and it’s been awesome; fingers crossed it stays that way for a while. In continuing my summer series, I’ve put together a list of 10 summer beauty essentials and the best part is that they are all from black owned brands! I had so much fun discovering new brands and getting reacquainted with familiar ones in putting this list together. I’m excited to share it with you guys so let’s get right into it!

Moisturizer: To take on the summer heat and humidity, you need a good, lightweight moisturizer that will keep your facial oil levels in check. Vera Moore Cosmetics’ Oil Controlling Skin Conditioner promises to do just that using nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and neroli extract. Vera Moore Cosmetics is the brainchild of former actress turned entrepreneur, Vera Moore, and was founded to fill a void in the market for quality products for women of color.

Image taken from veramoorecosmetics.com 

Facial Mist/Toner:  On a too hot summer day, spraying on a cool facial mist just feels so soothing and rejuvenating! And when it’s Foxie Cosmetics’ aptly named Smell the Roses facial toner which contains refreshing ingredients like rosewater, green tea oil and evening primrose, it doesn’t get any better. The Nashville, TN based company which was founded by 24-year-old Foxie makes handcrafted, vegan products and art.

Image taken from foxiebombs.com

Eyebrow pudding: For those of us who fill in our eyebrows, have you ever had the horrifying realization that your eyebrows are melting off later on in the day?! No?! Just me? Welp, to save you from ever experiencing this, check out Beauty Bakerie’s Brownies waterproof and smudge proof eyebrow gel which will keep those bad boys in place all day!

Image taken from beautybakerie.com

Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free line with the most delicious, yes I said delicious, marketing campaign and style ever. Don’t believe me? Check out their website and instagram and see for yourself!

Foundation: For a natural summer look, IMAN Cosmetics’ BB creme will offer just enough coverage to achieve a skin-like finish. And I can just get a resounding amen for a BB creme finally having a deep enough shade for us heavily melanated (yes I just made that up) girls? Come through Iman! The brand has filled many of such needs for women of color since launching in 1994.

Image taken from imancosmetics.com 

Alternatively, Celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff’s  PerfectBlend dual ended stick foundation can be used. This duo stick will allow you to achieve a sculpted look without it getting cakey because of its emollient, breathable formulation. I’m waiting for Ms. Sheriff to extend the color range though because I sadly don’t have a skin match as at now. The company recently celebrated its 3 year anniversary.

Image taken from ashuntasheriffbeauty.com

Bronzer/ Highlight: Ahh bronzed skin in the summer, how I love thee! A great product choice to achieve this iridescent summer glow is the Iman Cosmetics’ Sheer Finish Bronzing Finish in After Glow .

Image taken from imancosmetics.com 

Body Highlighter: You know those vacation photos where the people featured just look like they’re radiating sunshine?! Well that can be you this summer courtesy of the Vacation Body Highlighter from Kaylux Cosmetics! The highlighter features natural oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil etc which ensures that your skin is well nourished whilst looking sun-kissed. The company which was founded by a makeup artist, also makes facial highlighters and lip glosses.

Image taken from kayluxcosmetics.com 

Lashes: I am still such a false lash novice as I’ve only successfully put on a pair once but I think that the Monroe Lashes from Lena Lashes would add a fun, flirty vibe to your summer look. Lena Lashes, which has extended its product range to include liquid lipstick, eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow  was founded by Youtuber, Aymone Girl.


Image taken from lenalashes.com 

Lipsticks: Summer in my humble opinion is the perfect occasion for bold and vibrant lipsticks. Hip hop inspired luxury brand MDM Flow’s V Dutch , which is described as a “Queensday orange inspired by shameless dutch courage”, is a perfect embodiment of that.

Image taken from mdmflow.com 

The British brand was created by now 24 year old Florence Adepoju for black skin after being thoroughly frustrated with how underserved black women were in the beauty industry #girlbossinspo. It launched stateside recently via Nasty Gal.

Coloured Raine’s Cherry Blossom , a fan favorite red which is almost always sold out, is another bold option for summer. The matte liquid lipstick will stay put all day and packs a fiesty punch.

Image taken from colouredraine.com 

I mean just look at it, what’s not to love?

Nail Polish: Nail polish is such a simple yet very complimentary detail to your overall look. The vibrant shade below, Happy from Did Nail Paint, for instance screams summer and is a great choice to rock these months. Honestly, the cruelty free and eco friendly company honestly had too many beautiful shades to choose from!

Image taken from getyournailsdid.com 

As a bonus, check out the video below from Youtuber Jackie Aina on makeup looks they created using products from Black owned cosmetics companies!

So which products and brands are you guys most excited to check out?! What other black owned cosmetics brand are you familiar with and already support?!! Let me know in the comments section below!


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  1. Yasss! I’m so excited to check out all these brands, thank you for sharing! I have my eyes on that body highlighter and the dual ended stick foundation.

    • Yay I’m happy you found some faves already! That dual ended foundation stick is perfect for you and that body highlighter makes me want to go on vacation so I can slather it on lol

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