14 Ways to Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day!

Hey guys! So today’s self-love themed post is from none other than my special sister-friend Samantha. I may have referenced her juuuust a time or two in my previous posts. I hope it gives you great ideas on all the ways that you can treat yo self this Valentine’s day and beyond! xoxo



February 14th is upon us and I’m sure we’ve probably sworn off all things Valentine’s Day, but here we are. It’s easy to completely disregard the day as another hallmark holiday meant to drive retail sales in the name of love. Though the commercialized aspects of Valentine’s Day are prevalent, at its essence is really the celebration of love. With or without a bae, I believe we can take the day to not only celebrate those around us, but to also practice some self-love and care.


Two moments from my favorite show—Parks and Recreation—come to mind, because you can never have too many Parks and Rec references. The first is “Treat Yo Self Day”, a tradition in which two of the characters on the show spend the day treating themselves to luxury items.

The second is “Galentine’s Day” , a holiday when women celebrate other women. These iconic scenes remind us that it’s fun to sometimes indulge in the things that bring us joy and it’s okay to love on ourselves a little. So in the spirit of both days, I’ve put together 14 ideas of gifts you can buy to celebrate and treat yo self.

Fragrance: Chloé is a fresh, floral fragrance that transcends you to the chic streets of Paris with each spritz.

Lipstick: The Jouer lip crème liquid lipstick in the shade fraise bonbon is richly pigmented and long-lasting. The berry hues take a twist on the timeless red lip with a lovely pop-of-color.

Body Butter: This cocoa vanilla scented Skin BUTTR is made with organic butters and natural ingredients that will give your skin a bronze kissed glow.

Face Mask: Sheet masks are packed with nourishing ingredients designed to deliver visible results in the comfort of your home.

Candle: This Japanese-inspired candle with notes of moso bamboo will fill your room with a peaceful Zen and leave it smelling like a super luxe spa.

Indoor Plant: Trade the bouquet of roses with a charming house plant—or two. Potted plants are not only aesthetically appealing, but also provide air purifying capabilities.

Art: Titled, Girl Boss, this is the perfect art piece you need for your #wakeprayslay gallery wall.

Mug: No gift list of mine is complete without a cute mug—I honestly may have an obsession. This Sass & Belle mug is perfect for those stay in your jammies and binge watch Netflix days.

Fine Tea: Another favorite of mine is a fresh steeped cup of tea. Put on your best Cockney British accent and pretend you’re heading to high tea with this Harney & Sons full-bodied black tea.

Hosiery: Nothing says grown and sexy like a classic pair of hosiery hold-ups. Nubian Skin celebrates all women by offering undergarments in a wide spectrum of skin tones.

Accessory: AAKS bags, handmade in Ghana, are inspired by the vibrant and colorful palette of the nation’s culture. This beautifully crafted clutch will surely be staple to any capstone closet.

Books: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg takes a deeper look at the science of habit formation and presents transformative insights on forming habits that foster success. It’s the perfect push we need to achieve our ambitious goals for this new year.

Personal Assistant: Yes, you read that right. Tap into the internet of things and make your life a little easier with this nifty gadget.

Experiences: Airbnb has rolled out an experiences feature that enables travellers to find local events and activities. Next time you visit a new city, ditch the hop on hop off tour bus and take a dance class like this one.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to cozy up with my cup of tea, while wearing a face mask, and with Alexa reading The Power of Habit. I hope you enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day full of celebration and “treat yo self” moments. Comment below to let me know what you plan to get into!


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