And Then There Was Dubrovnik

Hey guys!! I hope you’re all doing well. I know this blog has been collecting dust cobwebs over the last few months much to my dismay but my schedule had gotten so hectic due to school and I couldn’t quite tear myself away. However, the wonderful news is that I have now finished my MSc degree! I know right, where in the world did a year go?! Now you have to put an MS behind my name, just saying 😉 As I have just a bit of time before I start work (woohoo, God is faithful y’all!), I wanted to come back here with a few posts starting with the trip I took with some good friends to Dubrovnik, Croatia this past May!

I’ve always wanted to do a travel getaway with friends for my birthday so being able to finally do that for my 25th birthday was a dream come true! And I honestly believe that we couldn’t have chosen a better location than Dubrovnik. It now holds such a special place in my heart because of the wonderful memories we created as you’ll see in the pictures shared. But I also think that it stands out as an ideal destination for a getaway, a group one particularly, and I’ll highlight 3 of my favourite personal reasons for this below. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

It’s Relatively Affordable!: Travelling can often become an expensive venture pretty quickly because so many different expenses start to add up! So finding a destination that won’t break the bank in regards to flights and accommodation for starters is key especially when a group trip is being planned.


My friend, Tosin (hey girl hey!), found us flights with Norwegian Airlines and Monarch Airlines at less than £80 roundtrip to London Gatwick which was a steal in my humble opinion. It was my first time flying with either airline but I have to say that Norwegian was the better of the two as it had loads of leg room, comfortable seats and a great overall experience which took me aback given the price we had paid.

Accommodation was similarly very affordable courtesy of Airbnb. Our place was a particularly great find because it was lovely and modern with such a beautiful view, within walking distance of the Old Town, our host was the absolute sweetest who went above and beyond and to top it all of we only paid £65 each for our 4 day stay!

The Food Is Delicious! : I am such a foodie at heart so a big allure of travelling is the opportunity to explore and sample culinary delights from these new destinations. Some places I’ve been to didn’t quite hit the mark (I’m looking at you Leipzig! ) but Dubrovnik did not disappoint in this regard. For instance on our first afternoon there, we just strolled into the Old Town, picked a restaurant without looking extensively at reviews beforehand, hoped for the best but boy did we get a pleasant surprise! My squid ink pasta with garlic sauce was so yummy that I had it again the 2nd time we went back to the restaurant!

For my birthday dinner, we had no option but to go to one of the few restaurants that was still open because of a reservation mix-up but it ended up being such an amazing treat. My friend, Lena, ordered this oxtail and cheese mix that we all initially side-eyed when we saw it on the menu because who has ever had those two together? But it also such filled with so much melt in your mouth goodness  that we all wished we had ordered it.

It’s clear that I have not mastered the art of the flat lay because these pictures don’t do these dishes much justice lol but I’ll get there. And if you’re wondering, yes the food prices were also quite affordable; the perks of the British pound!


There’s Just Enough To Do: I think that for a getaway, a group one at that, big cities can become slightly overwhelming and not as relaxing but sometimes a beach destination can also get old quickly. In this regards as Goldilocks would say, Dubrovnik was just right. I feel like it offered a perfect balance between the two.

On our first day, we walked through the Old Town and just explored the different sights that it had to offer at a nice, leisurely pace. We also rode the cable car up to the top of Dubrovnik and finished the night off with a yummy dinner and a lovely view of the city.

We got the opportunity to further explore Dubrovnik  during our Game of Thrones tour which I would highly recommend! Even though I don’t watch the show (yet! it’s never too late lol), our tour was so engaging that I enjoyed it just as much as my friends who were fans did.

We also got to enjoy the wonders of the beach life through an all-day cruise tour of the 3 Elaphiti Islands which was probably my favorite thing we did. It was such a relaxing experience and I would personally recommend it! I will have to say that unlike the first island, the last two islands we visited didn’t have much going on but we weren’t particularly bothered by this and just enjoyed the downtime it provided.

But alas, Dubrovnik does fall short on something: the nightlife. If you really want to paint the town red at night, you’d be hard pressed to find places to go as we found out on my birthday night. It ended up working out for us as together with a group of girls we met, we got a local bar turned into a jamming afrobeats destination! But definitely beware of this if a vibrant night life is a must have for you on your getaway.


Overall, turning 25 in Dubrovnik is an experience I’ll always cherish and will always be so thankful and grateful that I got to have! If you’re having holiday blues like me, I’d say go ahead and book a flight in the Norwegian Airlines where tickets are going for as low as £29.99! I’m beginning to sound like a Norwegian ad aren’t I? (one day 😉 Lol. Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all soon!




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