14 Ways to Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day!

Hey guys! So today’s self-love themed post is from none other than my special sister-friend Samantha. I may have referenced her juuuust a time or two in my previous posts. I hope it gives you great ideas on all the ways that you can treat yo self this Valentine’s day and beyond! xoxo



February 14th is upon us and I’m sure we’ve probably sworn off all things Valentine’s Day, but here we are. It’s easy to completely disregard the day as another … Continue reading

5 Melanin Approved Sunscreens


Wearing the Biore sunscreen with my favorite filter  and lots of excitement for this post!

Happy Wednesday guys! So to be completely honest, I started using sunscreen regularly only about a year ago. Growing up in Ghana, it was just never a thing and when I decided to give it a try in the US, it always left me looking like Casper the Friendly ghost. Frankly, I also just felt that as a black girl, I didn’t need it. So what changed for me?

Well, … Continue reading

#Grease saves strands


Are you transitioning to natural hair and can’t seem to keep your hair moisturized to save your life?! Are you a new natural with type 4 hair who is moisturizing with all the raved about products yet only has crispy strands to show for it?! Or are you a natural hair veteran that has to moisturize everyday just to maintain soft strands?! If you answered yes to any of these, then I’ve come with the answer to all your hair moisture prayers; good ole grease! … Continue reading

My Intro to Korean Skincare and my current Routine

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A few of the items from my initial collection

I’ve been a skin care junkie for as long as I can remember. I can vividly recall spending hours on my skin “regimen” back in middle school which consisted then of aloe vera plant bits and my trusty face cloth; you couldn’t tell me anything! Fast forward to today and I’m still as addicted to researching and trying new products. It hasn’t always paid off but getting into Korean skin care has definitely been a highlight in my skin … Continue reading