But First, Paris


At the dawn of this new year, I resolved that I would finally stop drooling at Travel Noire’s pictures and actually indulge my own wanderlust. And what better city to kick it all off than Paris? My friend Tosin and I took a long weekend trip there in January and it was an amazing time filled with so many “firsts”. Because I had a million questions of my own when we were planning this trip, I decided to make this post a travel guide … Continue reading

Day Trip to Virginia Water

FB_IMG_1464099149146Two weekends ago, I took a day trip to Virginia Water with a group of new friends from church. Since I’ve been in England,  I’ve been committed to exploring as much of it as possible so this trip fell right into my wheelhouse. The weather, a very unpredictable thing prone to random bouts of rain here in England, thankfully cooperated. It was warm yet cool enough for us to have a fun picnic and then hike around the Windsor Great Park luxuriating in all of Continue reading